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AmeriCorps VISTA members are placed at organizations to work on capacity building initiatives to help bring communities out of poverty.

This particular VISTA members will be committed to one year serving full-time (35-40 hours/week) working with our Financial Opportunity Center. The member will be actively involved in developing digital content to educate and empower consumers to utilize technology effectively. They will also be working with data analysis and reporting to support fundraising and marketing activities.

What are the benefits of AmeriCorps VISTA?
During AmeriCorps VISTA service you will receive a modest living allowance ($513.94 biweekly) and anend of service award of either 1.)$6,345 Education Award or 2.)$1,800 Cash stipend. The education award can be put towards future higher education expenses or used to pay off student loans. Other benefits include:

  • Paid-Time Off: 10 days personal time, 10 days sick time for a total of 20 days
  • Paid Holidays: When site is closed
  • Loan Forbearance: For federal student loans, private lenders are on a case-by-case basis
  • Relocation Allowance: $750 in first paycheck + $0.40/mile reimbursement if candidate is moving over 50 miles
  • Childcare Assistance: If applicable
  • Healthcare Benefit Choice
  • Healthcare Allowance: If you already have insurance, $8,150 reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs
  • Health Benefit Plan: If you do not have insurance, basic coverage plan
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Site-specific as well as trainings offered by ShareCorps. Additionally, every ShareCorps member receives a $100 fund to use toward professional development
  • One year of Federal Non-Competitive (NCE) hiring eligibility, which provides advantages in the federal hiring process.

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call Amber at 419-784-2150, x 1138.