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To deliver the full range of services, consistent with §1302.20 b, through visits with the child’s parents, primarily in the child’s home and through group socialization opportunities in a Head Start classroom, community facility, home, or on field trips.


The home-based option will only be used to deliver services to a portion of the program’s enrolled children.

The program maintain will an average caseload of 10 to 12 families per Home Visitor with a maximum of 12 families for any individual Home Visitor.

The program will provide one home visit per week per family that lasts at least an hour and a half.

The program will provide a minimum of 32 visits per year per family.

The program will provide 16 group socialization activities distributed over the course of the program year.

The program will make up planned home visits or scheduled group socialization activities that were canceled.

The program will not replace home visits or scheduled group socialization activities for medical or social service appointments for the purposes of meeting the minimum requirements.

The areas for learning, playing, sleeping, toileting, preparing food, and eating in facilities used for group socializations in the home-based option meet the safety standards described as follows in §1302.47 1 ii through viii.

(ii) Clean and free from pests;
(iii) Free from pollutants, hazards and toxins that are accessible to children and could endanger children’s safety;
(iv) Designed to prevent child injury and free from hazards, including choking, strangulation, electrical, and drowning hazards, hazards posed by appliances and all other safety hazards;
(v) Well lit, including emergency lighting;
(vi)Equipped with safety supplies that are readily accessible to staff, including, at a minimum, fully-equipped and up-to-date first aid kits and appropriate fire safety supplies;
(vii) Free from firearms or other weapons that are accessible to children;
(viii) Designed to separate toileting and diapering areas from areas for preparing food, cooking, eating, or children’s activities.


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