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NOCAC Head Start will address and attempt to resolve any concerns, complaints or problems a family has concerning their child and his/her involvement in our program.


  1. If an individual is unhappy with a situation in their child’s center/classroom they are encouraged to:
    1. Discuss the issue with their child’s teacher to seek resolution.
    2. If the individual is not satisfied after speaking with the Teacher he/she will be asked to speak with the Center Manager.
    3. If the individual is still not satisfied after speaking with the Center Manager he/she may contact the Family & Community Engagement Manager at the Central Office @ 419-784-5136.
    4. If the above communications are not helpful the individual needs to follow the grievance procedure outlined below.
  2. Individuals having a complaint or concern regarding an area of operation of the Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission – Child Development Program are encouraged to complete a Grievance Form which is included in the NOCAC Family Handbook and Calendar ( also available at the NOCAC Central Office, 1933 E. Second Street, Defiance, OH 43512) and mail it to the attention of the Head Start/ECE Director.
  3. The Head Start/ECE Director will coordinate the grievance procedure.
  4. A response regarding the area of concern will be sent within 7 days to the individual on the Grievance form. This response may include an explanation of operations and/or a plan of action to correct a situation.
  5. Following the receipt of the agency response, individuals may request or provide additional information by phone or Grievance form. Individuals making a grievance following the above procedure will be kept confidential if requested. Grievances may be discussed with appropriate staff as needed.

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Effective Date: 8/7/17 Revision Date: 8/7/17
Approved By Policy Council: 8/7/17 Revision Approved By Policy Council: 8/7/17