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NOCAC Staff will have access to art and other educational materials as needed and when in stock.



  1. The Education Department will keep on hand minimal supplies for each Center.
  2. Art supplies for a 3 month period will be housed at the bigger sites for other sites to use.
    1. Pulaski: for Pulaski, Edon and Montpelier
    2. FRC: for FRC, Paulding, and Hicksville
    3. Wauseon: for Wauseon and Leggett
    4. NSCC: for NSCC and Napoleon
  3. The Outcomes Assistant will order art supplies every 3 months during the program year.
  4. If there is something special staff need for use in the classroom, a list needs to be emailed to the Outcomes Assistant by December 1, March 1 and May 25 (for the following school year).
  5. An inventory of art supplies left at the end of the school year needs to be sent to the Outcomes Assistant before staff layoff. This will help when ordering supplies for the new school year.
  6. The Outcomes Assistant will maintain an inventory of supplies housed at the Central Office.


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