Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission, Inc. is proud to be an active partner in the national Community Action Partnership network. The Community Action Partnership is made up of more than 1,100 local, private, non-profit and public agencies that have been working to alleviate poverty and empower low-income families in communities throughout the United States since 1964. Our organization was established in 1965 as a private, non-profit social service agency and has been actively serving the citizens of Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, Van Wert, and Williams counties for over 45 years.
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The Hunger Banquet

Where Will Life Seat You?


Date:  March 24, 2015
 6:00 pm

 Williams County Veteran's Memorial Hall

NOCAC is hosting The Hunger Banquet - an educational dining event designed to expand our community's understanding of hunger, food insecurity, and poverty. We have a wonderful event planned that will be both thought provoking and entertaining. Plan now to attend and mark your calendars to save this date!  

Life isn't fair - and neither is this banquet as it divides diners into distinct socio-economic classes for the evening.  Participants could find themselves experiencing the life of a person living in poverty and eating meals provided by a soup kitchen; a few attendees could land in the lap of luxury and be dining at the best restaurant in town; or they could find themselves placed somewhere in the middle. Unlike most banquets you attend, this event directs your focus on our actors as they role play situations of someone who has been directly impacted by hunger, poverty or homelessness and the effects this had on their lives.

Previous attendees could not say enough about the impact of the Hunger Banquet:
     **"A powerful event..."
     **"An eye-opening experience..."
     **"...changed my heart in a big way."
     **"People are real and often times have very powerful lessons to teach."
Please join us in spreading the word about this important event by helping to distribute this informative poster or brochure.

There are several opportunities available to assist as a volunteer at the banquet.  If you, or your organization, would be interested in helping please contact Angie Franklin at 419-784-5136 extension 1138. 


Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students or children. Use the link below to order your tickets with your PAYPAL account. For payments by check, please click here to complete the registration form.  Make your check payable to "NOCAC - Hunger Banquet" and send the check and the completed registration form to:  1933 E. Second Street, Defiance, OH 43512.   All tickets will be picked up at the door the night of the event.

Hunger Banquet Tickets



One of our Benefit Bank Counselors may be able to assist you with filing your 2014 Federal, State, and School District tax returns if your individual income is $65,000 or less.  We may also be able to help you if you meet the income guidelines for filing Married or Head of Household status on your tax return.  

There are no fees or charges for this service - it is quick, easy and FREE so you can put money back in your pocket!! E-filing is available and you can receive your refunds through direct deposit into your bank account.

Services are conveniently located in Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, Van Wert, and Williams counties. To schedule an appointment, call our office at 419-784-2150.  

This community service is sponsored by NOCAC, United Way, and the Ohio Association of Foodbanks.   

Students in our Napoleon Head Start classroom recently received a special visit from a past student, Tyson Bullock, now attending 3rd grade.  Tyson's mother, who still serves our program as a bus monitor, brought Tyson back to his former classroom so he could read to and visit with students currently enrolled in NOCAC's Head Start program.

If you would like information on enrolling your child in our preschool program, please contact Carmen at 419-784-5136 extension 1140.

NOCAC's Individual Development Account (IDA) program helps clients save money toward the purchase of a home, fund their education or start a small business.  For every $1 that participants save while enrolled in the IDA program, NOCAC will contribute $2.  Thanks to her participation in our IDA program, a single mom and her daughters were able to spend the holidays this year in their new home!

The IDA program also provides six free informational classes that teach success skills such as how to negotiate a low interest rate, how to determine the amount to spend on a home, and budgeting.  "My favorite part was how easy the classes were to understand and the teaching methods kept me interested.  I learned a ton of stuff I never knew in these classes."

Qualified participants must be employed/working, reside in our six county service area, and meet Federal Income Guidelines.  If you would like more information on the IDA Program, please contact Amy at 419-784-5136 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Winter Crisis Program is a heating assistance program that may provide a one-time payment toward a utility and/or bulk fuel service for those who meet the program eligibility requirements.  The program begins November 3, 2014 and runs through March 31, 2015.  

In order to qualify for the program, an applicant's total household income must be at or below 175% of the 2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines and also meet one of these conditions:

  • have a disconnect notice or notice that service has been terminated
  • have a need for new service
  • have 25% or less supply for bulk fuel (propane, fuel oil, wood or coal)

    Read more: 2015 Winter Crisis Program

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How We Help...


Choices That Shouldn't Have To Be Made - My husband has experienced serious health problems over the last few years, If it weren’t for the HEAP program , we would have had to choose between electricity or medicine.  It’s one thing to get help; however, it’s another thing to  get help and not to be made to feel like a number or even more depressing and worthless.  NOCAC staff was warm and friendly when I needed it. Thanks! (Direct Client Quote)

You Made It Great - You have made this (Head Start) year wonderful for us and I couldn't tell you just how much you are appreciated.  You go above and beyond your duties with families. (Direct Client Quote)

Employees Who Care -  For those of us that find ourselves in a position of need, especially since I used to be able to just work and meet my own needs, it is hard to ask for help and also hard to be looked at as if somehow we are “less” because we are not able to provide for ourselves all of the time.    But at no time have I felt that way with anyone I have come across in the weatherization program so to simply say “THANK YOU” sounds so small compared to what I feel inside.  The crew will always be in my thoughts because to me they went above and beyond what was asked of them and they did it with such kindness!  (Direct Client Quote)

  455 $162,151
Henry 421 $185,269
Paulding 519 $210,803
Van Wert 452 $116,842
Williams 480 $184,014
Other 13 $4,366
TOTALS 3008 $1,059,952

2013 By the Numbers...

9,992 meals were served and 162 homeless individuals were provided shelter at the Richland Place/PATH Center

103 households received weatherization services through the Home Weatherization Assistance Program which resulted in a average energy consumption savings of 37.7%

572 children and their families were served in the Head Start program

30 individual Development Account enrollment slots were funded and 24 money management workshops were held

17,701 applications for assistance to needy households were processed in our 6 county service area

89 households were assisted through the Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Re-housing Program

9,343 utility payments (heating & cooling) were made to area vendors for households in our 6 county service area

32 households received energy efficiency measures that were funded by the Toledo Edison Community Connections Program

27 households received energy efficiency measures funded by the American Electric Power program

How We Help...


A Family's Support System - The Head Start Program gave me free education for my child.  We would be struggling to pay preschool tuition without the program.  Head Start has been such a god-send to our family.  We have been through a lot in our lives.  I had some bad family times and Head Start always helped me when needed.  They always understood my needs and my children’s.  The teachers are absolutely amazing and so supportive of the family.    We love and cherish the program and the effort behind it. (Direct Client Quote)


A Hand Up - I would be going without the basics of life without this program.  Maybe forced to use a payday advance system which would make matters worse.  I am middle aged with a disabled spouse.  I lost a full-time job of 28 years that paid $18/hour and now work a part-time minimum wage job.  The CAC has been a godsend to help us through the tough times of our lives. They have provided information and direction on outside resources.  The staff are professional and friendly.  They're a HAND UP not a HAND OUT.  Thank you for your services. (Direct Client Quote)

Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission, Inc. (NOCAC) is one of 50 community action agencies in Ohio. NOCAC is a private, non-profit corporation organized in 1965, as part of the "War on Poverty" by a group of local citizens who became our first Board of Trustees. NOCAC'S function was then, and is now, to plan, develop, and coordinate programs and services designed to help predominantly low-income people in Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, Van Wert, and Williams counties become more self-sufficient. NOCAC provides services from several locations within our six county area.  A brief explanation of these services is available in this brochure.  To learn more about Community Action Agencies in Ohio, please click here.

NOCAC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.